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At FirstJets, we love flying as much as we love our planet. Flying private enables our world to be more connected in ways that commercial aviation cannot achieve. We are however aware of the environmental footprint each of our flights creates and have thus made sustainability a key pillar of our DNA.

We care

We are facing the climate challenges

Climate change is real and mobility providers around the world are challenged to become a part of the solution. At FirstJets, sustainability has been part of our DNA since inception. We openly discuss our latest thinking on sustainability, accept and appreciate challenging thoughts and conversations and have the responsibility we carry top of mind when taking business decisions.

We believe in innovation

Innovation ensures a green future for private aviation

We at FirstJets are aware of the responsibility we all have towards our planet. While (per single passenger) flying privately generates higher emissions than scheduled passenger flights, we believe that the intense research on sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) will enable a more sustainable future while satisfying the growing demand for private jet flights.

Our sustainability commitment

 This is what we do 

FirstJets has partnered with 4Air to provide our customers with four different levels of sustainability commitments

Carbon Neutral: 100% carbon dioxide offsets to offset CO2 effects

Emissions Neutral: 300% carbon dioxide offsets to offset CO2 and non-CO2 effects

Beyond Neutral: 5% direct emissions reduction via SAF

Climate Champion: Contribution to the Aviation Climate Fund

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What You Can Do

What You Can Do

  1. Let’s join forces

    Here’s what you can do

    All our clients can opt for one of four levels of sustainability commitments enabled by our partner 4Air, including the ability to purchase offsets, SAF, or make contributions to sustainable aviation research.

  2. Let’s plan ahead

    Being early is good for the planet

    Booking early (whenever possible) allows our partners and us to avoid empty leg flights as much as possible. Reducing the number of empty private jet flights represents a key pillar of a more sustainable future for private jet chartering.

  3. Let’s be open

    Sharing feedback and discussing ideas is key

    As part of the FirstJets community, please feel invited to share your thoughts and concerns on our operations, also when it comes to sustainability. We are always happy to learn from our clients and discuss new ideas on how to become an even more sustainable private jet charter broker.

Let‘s rethink how we fuel our jets

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs) are the gateway towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future of private jet flights. SAFs are sustainably produced fuels that are not based on fossil fuels. Already today, it is possible to cross the Atlantic using non-fossil aviation fuels while not compromising on speed, comfort or security. Increased research and support from the entire private jet aviation community will help reduce the production costs and drive broad adoption of SAFs across the world.

Offset Your CO2 Emissions

All our clients can opt for offsetting their carbon footprint for each private jet flight via our partner 4Air.

Offset Your CO2 Emissions

Remove Carbon from Our Planet

With the urgency to reduce global emissions, the topic of net negative-emissions technologies or so-called carbon removals is creeping into conversations and strategies on climate action.

FirstJets Sustainability Efforts

What are Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs)?

Learn more about Sustainable Aviation Fuels and the work of FirstJets for a more sustainable and greener private jet aviation industry.

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