How to book your Private Jet

Learn more about the effortless experience of booking our private jets.

Private Jet Charter

A seamless booking experience

A seamless booking experience

FirstJets leverages its proprietary booking platform to obtain the most affordable private jet prices in the market. You simply need to provide us with your private jet flight details and we arrange everything for you.

Request your private jet flight

You provide us with your private jet flight details including departure and arrival city, date and number of passengers via our website private jet flight search function, email or phone.

Receive private jet flight options

Your FirstJets flight specialist will screen all available private jets leveraging FirstJets proprietary search function and provide you with a tailored selection of the best available aircraft for your private plane charter.

Confirm your private jet flight

Once you have decided which private jet type you prefer, we will secure your aircraft and provide you with the private jet charter contract and all necessary flight documents.

Unlimited opportunities

Inspiring travel for the year ahead

Inspiring travel for the year ahead

Private aviation allows you to discover the world in your way. Explore the wide range of possible destinations around the globe and travel in the most comfortable, private and luxurious way possible! FirstJets brings you the private jet rental experience that you have been seeking for – learn more in our dedicated FirstJets travel guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you need to go through the normal Terminal when chartering a private jet?

    No. You will typically be able to use a so-called private aviation terminal that ensures maximum privacy and the most efficient use of your time. FirstJets therefore would always recommend you to use smaller airports as those are usually quicker in handling.

  • Can I take pets on board of a private jet?

    Yes. Please let us know early on in the booking process so that we can make sure your pets have the best private jet flight experience.

  • How much earlier to departure do I need to arrive at the terminal?

    Depending on the routing and local airport specificities, you should be at the airport 30-60min before your private jet departure. Passport controls and higher amounts of luggage may indicate the need to arrive a bit earlier.

  • How much luggage can I take on board?

    The luggage capacity of our private jets is very high and may allow you to bring up to 6 pieces of luggage per passenger.

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