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Our mission is to make private jet charter flights as relaxing, convenient and effortless as possible. Flying with FirstJets is the best way to fly private around the globe.

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Swiss Quality
Global Reach.

Swiss Quality
Global Reach.

FirstJets is one of the leading private jet companies based in Switzerland. Our support team around the globe offers 24/7 service to facilitate your private jet rental – we pair Swiss quality and a team that is at home anywhere in the world. We are committed to providing the best possible service to bring flying private on a new level. Charter your next vacation or business trip with FirstJets and make your private jet charter memorable.


By screening the global market of available private jets, a dedicated team of specialists ensures that FirstJets’ clients always get the most competitive private jet prices available.


FirstJets is committed to preserving the environment for future generations. We collaborate with our partners to achieve net zero emissions on all private jet flights booked with FirstJets.


Our FirstJets support team around the globe fulfills all client needs and wishes for your private jet rental in a timely matter. You let us know, we take care of the rest. Charter your private jet in the most relaxing way possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far can a private jet fly?

    Depending on the model, private jets (especially heavy models like the Global 7500) can match the ranges of long-haul commercial aircraft. Flights from Europe to Asia, America or Africa are thus possible while enjoying the highest level of comfort and privacy. Our experts are happy to assist you in booking your short-, medium- or long-haul private jet flights.

  • Can I choose the aircraft model of my private jet?

    Yes. In many cases, you will be able to select from different offers and chose your preferred private plane type. The number of available aircraft types depends on our operator partners and might be limited for empty leg flights.

  • What are the main differences of flying with a private jet vs. commercial airplanes?

    There are numerous differences between flying with a private jet vs. commercial airplanes that one could talk about for hours. At FirstJets, we believe there are 3 key differences that our clients will enjoy:

    1. Increased level of privacy
    2. Much higher comfort and possibility to relax and recover
    3. Better efficiency and speed
  • Which airports can I fly to with a private jet?

    Our private jets can fly to a very diverse set of airports. The number of airports you can theoretically fly to is much higher than with your go-to commercial airline as all our flights are fully tailored to your needs. For example, when flying to Los Angeles, you can chose to fly to LAX or select any of the numerous small airports in and around LA, depending on your preferences. We typically recommend flying into smaller airports to ensure the fastest turnaround times.

Private Jet Charter

A seamless booking experience

A seamless booking experience

FirstJets leverages its proprietary booking platform to obtain the most affordable private jet prices in the market. You simply need to provide us with your private jet flight details and we arrange everything for you – from choosing the perfect aircraft for your needs to the smallest details on our journey. We literally make even your smallest dreams come true.

A truly global fleet.

Explore our different aircraft

Ultra Long Range Jets

The most luxurious and comfortable way to fly private. Whether long-haul or short haul.

Heavy Jets

Enjoy the range of a Medium Jet paired with the comfort of a Heavy Long-Haul Aircraft.

Super Midsize Jets

Your Go-To aircraft for an extra level of space and comfort on medium and short-haul flights.

Midsize Jets

Enjoy the flexibility of a Light Jet paired with the comfort of a Medium Jet.

Light Jets / Super Light Jets

Add another layer of comfort while enjoying a high level of flexibility with regards to your airport choice.

Entry Level Jets

Enjoy the benefits and flexibility of smaller airports. The most affordable way of flying private.

Top Private Jet Destinations

Private Jet to / from St. Moritz

Charter your Private Jet ✈ to / from St Moritz for your next ski trip. Charter with FirstJets for the best prices…

Private Jet to / from South Africa

Charter your Private Jet ✈ to / from South Africa for your next trip. Charter with FirstJets for the best prices and…

Private Jet to / from London

Charter your Private Jet ✈ to / from London for your next trip. Charter with FirstJets for the best prices and highest…

Favourite Aircraft

Charter a Bombardier Challenger 350

Charter the Bombardier Challenger 350 today and fly non-stop up to 5h – Rome to Dubai without fuel stop.

Charter a Dassault Falcon 7X

Charter the Falcon 7x via FirstJets at the best rate and fly with up to 14 guest for up to 11h -…

Charter a Embraer Phenom 300

The Phenom 300 is a light jet produced by the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer as a further development of the Phenom 100.

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